iplay_logoIt is with great pride I congratulate Dave Lee, Owner (and Supreme Grand N00B – kidding!) of  www.IPLAY.ca on his local business success.

While he has, with a heavy heart, decided to close down what is undoubtedly one of the longest running gaming lounges in Canada (if not the longest), the memories so many kids and comrades created at IPLAY will last forever. Your infectious positivity toward life, dedication to the community you live in, business acumen and competency with a virtual 9mm British STEN gun have been an inspiration to anybody who knows you and we all look forward to what’s in the oven next.

I was there at the beginning when it was a passionate discussion about video games over lunch and you made the vision a reality.

We all thank you for providing the means to congregate together in person rather than sitting in a darkened basement by ourselves,


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