Colours will make the snow go away!  Something we hope to do on a semi-regular basis is to highlight some of the cool tools we stumble on while we tinker.

As a team, Diskdaddy and Smiling Cat Inc. work together on many things.  Each project is different and we use and research many tools to help ensure we’re operating efficiently both for ourselves and our clients.  Fortunately for us, our work tends to be rather visual and we get to experience the sensation of “play” when we test out some of the neato things we find.

Here are a couple of the ones we found recently when looking for ways to fiddle with colour.


Snap 2014-11-07 at 10.53.05 This is a super handy tool to help jump-start swatch ideas when you are working with a client who has committed to a complete branding overhaul.


Snap 2014-11-07 at 11.18.16 Another handy colour tool to help find complementary hues in other spectrums. Fancy interface, free as could be.


The internet is big (really!).  If you find any neat tools we should have a look at, let us know!