Well, will you lookit that!  We’ve got a new sign up…oh ya, we’re still here!  Thanks to The Legendary Workshop here in town (Orleans) for being a CNC Wizard!

Sorry for the lack up updates lately (mostly sorry to ourselves!).  We’ve had our heads down crankin’ out quality solutions like we always do.

Look forward to a few things in the next little while:

  • A new website (about time!)
  • A little more information about our Projection Services division (Capital Projection Services)
  • Some background about our new team members
  • More offerings regarding SEO and Support Services!

We tend to post updates on our Facebook page these days…feel free to follow us at facebook.com/diskdaddy to keep in touch!

Have a look at our new sign and the conference table…slowly but surely getting things back in order after a surprisingly busy summer!

Thanks from all of us,

Jon & the Team