Online Sunburst Generator ScreenshotHere is something neat we dreamed up and programmed to help graphic designers get a jump start on a design that requires a “starburst” or “sunburst” effect.The Starburst Generator or Sunburst Generator allows you to choose how many “rays” you want, how long you want them to be and choose both the ray colour and the background colour.

While practically useless to anyone else – a graphic designer who wants to avoid the 10-15 minute chore of doing this manually will find the tool pretty useful.

There are options to export to PNG, JPG and perhaps most useful – SVG format.  SVG is a vector format that will allow a designer to do whatever the hell they want when the suck it into Illustrator, Xara, etc.

We do plan on several updates to it over the next month but wanted to get the word out!

Upcoming changes:

  • Tablet friendly
  • Better colour-wheel placement (allowing for hex)
  • Bit more responsive
  • Help/tooltip elements
  • Rotation
  • Gradients
  • Overlays
  • Swatches
  • New tabs to house new controls/options
    • Move file/export to a new slide-out sidebar to create the real-estate necessary for colour wheel